Dove Release-Wedding Minister

The releasing of the doves, as well as the officiate, is available at Occasions or the location of your choice within our range.

The White Doves

The white dove is recognized as a symbol for peace, love, unity, prosperity, hope, faith and new beginnings. Many passages of the bible portray the dove for peace, the Holy Spirit, simplicity,


innocence and love.  For centuries, white doves havebeen released at wedding ceremonies and are the perfect symbol of the bond made in matrimony.  Doves mate for life.  If separated , they will not choose another mate.   Both the male & female doves build their nest together. Both take turns setting their eggs and feeding and nurturing their young.

At the wedding ceremony, two white doves may be released by the bride and groom symbolizing their union as they begin their journey together. Additional doves may be released symbolizing good thoughts & well wishes of  guests.

The snow white doves could be a part of your magical day.  The dove release will create a memory that your guests will carry with them for a lifetime!



Johnny Crenshaw is licensed to perform marriage ceremonies by Lakepointe Church.  He is excited to visit with brides and grooms about their up-coming marriage and considers it a privilege to perform wedding ceremonies at Occasions.

As one of Occasions’ wedding ministers, it is my desire that your ceremony has meaning and depth while incorporating your personal story and desires. I believe the key for you to make the right choice of officiate is getting to know that individual and vice versa. I would love to visit with you if you like to assist you in determining if we are a match.”

2Micah's Pic

With over 15 years of ministry Micah Johnson is licensed & ordained to perform marriage ceremonies by the Bon Air Church. His strong passion for people has lead him to a certificate in Christian counseling. He is excited and qualified to meet with each couple for a pre-marital counseling session. Micah will ensure that your ceremony is sacred and significant while highlighting those special things that make your marriage unique.

 “As one of the Occassions’ wedding officiates I will personally ensure that your ceremony captures your “love story” and ultimately points it to your God. I believe it is a major entrustment from God and you to join your hearts together as one. For that reason I will get to know you and your story… then introduce your story to God’s plan for marriage. I would be happy to meet with you to help make the best choice for your ceremony.” 

Wedding Minister –   Christian minister to perform the rehearsal and ceremony.   $250

Dove Release:
Package A
– Chapel Cage Display (2 Love Doves) $ 50
Package B – Bride & Groom Release from Heart Shaped Basket $ 50
Package A and B   $100
Package C – Bride & Groom Release from Heart Shaped Basket (2 Doves) Followed by Flock Release from Decorated Basket (12-20 doves ) $150
Package C & A   $200

For an off-site dove release or minister services, please contact:  Johnny@OccasionsAtStoneRiver.Com;    972-569-0944.   For releases or wedding minister services other than at Occasions (within fifteen miles), please add $100. Sixteen miles and greater, add $5 per mile.